Top 10 schools of Hyderabad

The Hyderabad city is well known IT sector of Andhra Pradesh state. The Hyderabad consist of few top notch historical palces from Charminar to Sultan Bazaar etc. As Hyderabad is a fast developing city, there are no. of schools exists but we have listed only 10 best schools of Hyderbad here. Find which school would be best for your children, listed below based on ranking from 1 to 10 for 2013 year.

One of the best school of Hyderabad city for 203 yeaer

  1. Sreenidhi International school:  The school offers quality education to their students. It follows the curriculum of ICSE or ISC for students of grade 10 and 12 respectively. The students excel under the guidance of dignified teachers. It is a co-educational school where every student is welcome. Extra curricula activities are the part of academics. Forms, brochures etc. can be downloaded form the school’s website.
  2. Slate The School: the school is based on historic learning which provides knowledge about the rich culture and history to the students. The school includes some of the IAS subjects to the academic curriculum to help the students become strong academically and help them in the long run. The school is affiliated to CISCE and is located in the heart of Hyderabad.
  3. Vidyaranya High School: the school was founded in the year 1961 and it has a very strong base. Sports, quiz contests and other extra curricular activities are the part of the academics to enable the students think logically. Admissions are based on the interview of students as well as parents. The co-educational school is open for both girls and boys. All necessary details area available on the website.
  4. NASR for Girls: NASR group is a world recognized group and the girls department ranked in among the best 10 schools of Hyderabad. The school is a perfect blend of all modern and traditional techniques. The school provides the best learning and innovative techniques of study to the students.
  5. St. Annie’s School:  The school was founded in the year 1860. It is one of the oldest convent schools for girls. The school is recognized by Government of Maharashtra. The school houses around 2200 students and has 67 teachers. Apart from academics it includes all other extra curricular activities to help in the development of students.  Admission is done in the month of April and January.
  6. Johnson Grammar School: The school came in existence in the year 1974. It can admit around 1500 students, its 3 acre land holds the school campus which has every facility to help students gaining competitive edge over others by learning extra curricular activities. It has a separate lawn for pre-primary children.  The highly qualified teachers are rally helpful in imparting academic knowledge to the students.
  7. Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan:  The rich Indian Culture of the Country is specially taught here. The environment of the school is enriched by the holistic culture. Knowledge and education is the key part of school not the literacy. The green environment of the campus makes the mind and soul fresh which help student in their study. No doubt the school hires one of the best faculties of the town.
  8. Oakridge international school: the School offers the international quality education to the students, which prepares students to play the role of different professionals in this competitive world. The School offers best infrastructure to the students for their peace. The School is planning to introduce new generation studies/education in India.
  9. Gitanjali School: It is one of the biggest schools of Hyderabad, where students and teachers look for perfection. The perfect environment of the campus help students learn from their fellow class mates. Big library, huge campus and cooperative teachers are really helpful for the students so that they can chase their dreams.
  10. Delhi Public School: It is one of the reputed schools of the Country, which has the one of the best qualified teachers. It has around 118 different branches all over the country. The school provides best education to their students and along with the academic excellence it also supports their students in learning their expertise in other fields too. Other information can be obtained from the school’s website.

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